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Do It Yourself Landscapes help make your home or business project as easy and efficient as possible.

Do It Yourself Landscapes provides you with all of the materials you need in order to landscape your house or business, mulch your planting bed, or provide you with any material you may need to accomplish your outdoor goal.

Do It Yourself Landscapes helps you to obtain a professional landscape around your house or business for half the price you would pay a professional company to design and install the same landscape!

Do It Yourself Landscapes provides several option for the “Weekend Warrior”:

Landscape Design/Consultation:

Let us provide you with a professional landscape design for your house or business. We will meet with you and talk about what you are looking for in your landscape. After taking measurements of your house or business, we will reschedule a meeting with you to present you with a professional landscape design which is your copy to keep. After discussing the design, we can then deliver the plants, top soil, mulch, rock… you need to complete the job.

Plant Delivery:

If you know what plants you want, or if you need a recommendation, we deliver plants straight to your door very comparable to the price you would pay at a garden center or box store. If you are not sure which plants would compliment your house, we can assist by walking you through which plants would go best with your house or business, and explain to you the process we go through on placement of plants. All recommendations are free of charge with plant purchase.

Mulch, Gravel, Top Soil, Organic Compost, and Boulder Delivery:

Wanting to mulch your house or business? Need some gravel for your driveway? Raising the soil level on the side of your house to help with drainage? Adding some boulders to your landscape? Let us deliver these products straight to your house or business. If you are interested in another bulk item we can deliver, please ask us about it! Our mulch prices are the same you would pay at most garden centers, if not lower!

You can also visit our parent company at www.StockersLandscaping.com

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